Posted by dariosantarelli on October 27, 2006

FreeTextBox  is one of the most-used HTML editor for ASP.NET applications. The free version of this product enables users to do basic HTML editing in a WYSIWYG environment with a look and feel similar to Microsoft Office products (additional features of FreeTextBox can be unlocked by purchasing).
Although it is easy to integrate as a Server Control and it is compatible with IE on the PC, and Mozilla and Firefox on all platforms, there are some scenarios in which its core javascript functions seems to disturb the correct work of the whole page in which it’s contained: for example, sometimes I’ve encountered some problems in integrating FreeTextBoxs in my AJAX projects, solving every kind of problem, everytime, through hard-coding approaches :(.
Anyway, it’s a very powerful and fully customizable tool for editing HTML contents… a quick solution to your interactive ASP.NET applications.

Enjoy it!!!


2 Responses to “FreeTextBox”

  1. chamnap, koy NU said

    what is the problem and how should i figure it out when i run freetextbox page and click button insertImageFromGallery from Gallery page in IE the pageGallery.aspx showed but it froze and stop working! any help thanks!

  2. John White said

    I gave up freetextbox now. It doesn’t provide any support. The owner doesn’t answer the forums at all!!!. Now I am using CuteSoft Wysiwyg editor for ASP.NET. It works great. Fast and clean. The support is also great.

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