MonoRail on ASP.NET

Posted by dariosantarelli on October 27, 2006

I’ve recently joined a meeting on MonoRail (former Castle on Rails) is a MVC web framework inspired by Action Pack. The Action Pack way of development is extremely productive , very intuitive and easily testable. MonoRail differs from the standard WebForms way of development as it enforces separation of concerns; controllers just handle application flow, models represent the data, and the view is just concerned about presentation logic. Consequently, you write less code and end up with a more maintainable application.
Monorail is an intelligent port of Ruby on Rails to .NET framework. It attempts to simplify web development and address some of ASP.NET webforms issues. It’s built on top of ASP.NET infrastructure so a lot of ASP.NET features (i.e. session control) are still available to the Monorail. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using Monorail. We always attempt to minimize the latter, but it will be hard (if not impossible) to eliminate all of the cons ;).


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