Zope Behind IIS6… SCRIPT WAR!!!

Posted by dariosantarelli on February 2, 2007

Some days ago I started configuring Zope for Plone. When I was ready for deploying, I found a Windows Server 2003 SP1 based production environment with IIS6 as Web Server. I knew there is a script which forwards IIS requests to Zope (much like ProxyPass does for Apache), using Virtual Host Monster to generate correct dynamic URLs, just setting IIS5 to handle 404/405 (Not Found) errors with it.
Well, I didn’t know IIS6 breaks POST methods used in the forms inside Zope/Plone. I bang my head on the screen for a while, after a 6 hour hard-coding session, when I find a discussion in the Zope Community about my problem!!!
At the moment, a proposed “open” solution involves a Java Proxy for host-header analyzing, requesting data from Zope, and returning it back to the client.  
Well, waiting for other solutions, If you want to to speed up your Plone site by integrating it with IIS, you can still purchase Enfold Proxy


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