MOSS 2007: Programmatically Configure Search Scopes

Posted by dariosantarelli on April 20, 2007

In the code below you can find a way to use the MOSS 2007 Administration Object Model to programmatically create a search scope in your Shared Service Provider and include your content sources to the created search scope.
Hope it helps… 😉

using Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration;
using Microsoft.SharePoint;

SearchContext context;
using (SPSite site = new SPSite(“http://<SSPsite>&#8221;))
context = SearchContext.GetContext(site);
Schema sspSchema =
new Schema(context);
ManagedPropertyCollection properties = sspSchema.AllManagedProperties;
Scopes scopes =
new Scopes(context);
ScopeCollection sspScopes = scopes.AllScopes;
Scope newScope = sspScopes.Create(“Name”, “Description”,
null, // System.Uri object representing the owning site URL
true, // True to display the scope in the SSP Administrator UI
null, // A string specifying the alternate results page for the scope
// Includes your content sources to the created Scope
foreach (string ContentSourceName in YourContentSourcesNames)
properties[“ContentSource”], // Managed Property
// Update Scopes

2 Responses to “MOSS 2007: Programmatically Configure Search Scopes”

  1. Dennis said

    Thanks a lot for this post. I was looking for some similar code and this seems very useful.

  2. Byron said

    Awesome! You’ve just given me a minimum of 4 different ideas to write about on my web site. It’s much like yours, just not as big.
    It’s actually a subniche truth be told.

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