Developing Windows Sidebar Gadgets: Design Guidelines

Posted by dariosantarelli on August 26, 2007

Here you can find a preliminary documentation containing all the design guidelines for developing Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar.
What are Gadgets? Well,

  • Gadgets are applications giving users fast access to personally relevant information and simple tasks.
  • Gadgets are visually attractive and optimized to do a single task very well!!!
  • Gadgets are normally hosted in the Sidebar, which is a region on the side of the desktop. Besides being attached to, or docked, in the Sidebar, gadgets can also be detached from the Sidebar to float anywhere on the desktop. A gadget can be bigger in its floating state than in its docked state.
  • Gadgets are part of the desktop, like the Start button, taskbar, and notification area. Unlike normal windows, they aren’t represented with a taskbar button.
  • Gadgets can have flyouts that temporarily show more information. Flyouts are displayed by clicking the gadget, and dismissed by clicking anywhere outside the flyout. You can use flyouts in both the docked and floating states.
  • Finally, gadgets can have an options dialog box for settings and customization.


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