VS2008: Embedding UAC Manifest Options

Posted by dariosantarelli on November 21, 2007

A very useful feature included in VS2008 concerns the possibility of embedding a manifest resource which specifies UAC options in applications running on Windows Vista. First, you can create a manifest file by adding an “Application Manifest File” Item to your project (default name: app.manifest), then you can set it through the Application Tab in the Project Properties.
If you want to change the Windows User Account Control level in your manifest file, all you need is to set the value of the level attribute of the requestedExecutionLevel node with one of the following:

  • asInvoker (default): the application will run using the current Windows user provileges
  • requireAdministrator: the application requires an Administrator user
  • highestAvailable: highest privileges for the current user will be used

4 Responses to “VS2008: Embedding UAC Manifest Options”

  1. Jan said

    it doesnt work

  2. Loco Minera said

    It does work as described

  3. Matteus said

    Works great! Thanks.

  4. в итоге: мне понравилось.

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