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.NET Reference Source project

Posted by dariosantarelli on January 20, 2008

In his blog, Scott Guthrie announces the ability for .NET developers to download and browse the source code of the .NET Framework libraries, and to easily enable debugging support in them. Specifically, now we can browse and debug the source code for the following libraries:

  • .NET Base Class Libraries (including System, System.CodeDom, System.Collections, System.ComponentModel, System.Diagnostics, System.Drawing, System.Globalization, System.IO, System.Net, System.Reflection, System.Runtime, System.Security, System.Text, System.Threading, etc).
  • ASP.NET (System.Web, System.Web.Extensions)
  • Windows Forms (System.Windows.Forms)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (System.Windows)
  • ADO.NET and XML (System.Data and System.Xml)

Moreover, in this great post, Shawn Burke shows us how to configure Visual Studio 2008 to Debug .NET Framework Source Code…. VERY INTERESTING!


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Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager

Posted by dariosantarelli on January 19, 2008

Vista provides developers with the new DWM based aero interface. A new set of thumbnail API’s can be used to access some of this new technology. On codeplex we can find a virtual desktop program takes advantage of this new API and uses some tricks of its own to provide a powerful virtual desktop manager with a full screen thumbnail based preview. You can have as many desktops as you want and can seamlessly switch between them.
IMPORTANT: Vista/XP Virtual Desktops provides support for XP as well, although window previews are not live since XP doesn’t have DWM.
Here some cool features:

  • Full screen desktop/window manager/preview with full drag and drop managing
  • Desktop switch indicator
  • An infinite number of desktops
  • Watch the windows move in real time as you drag them around in the window manager
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Window menus
  • Tray icons for each desktop
  • Per-desktop backgrounds
  • Configurable colors, fade speeds, hotkeys, etc.
  • Uses Vista’s live thumbnails
  • XP support
  • And much more!

    Here the codeplex project!

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