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“Orcas” Beta 1 Team Suite Pre-release

Posted by dariosantarelli on April 22, 2007

In the next days I’ll start analyzing  Visual Studio “Orcas” Beta 1 pre-release (Virtual PC required)… If you want to see the list of features that are available in this beta release I advice the Microsoft white paper which provides a good overview. 


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MOSS 2007: Programmatically Configure Search Scopes

Posted by dariosantarelli on April 20, 2007

In the code below you can find a way to use the MOSS 2007 Administration Object Model to programmatically create a search scope in your Shared Service Provider and include your content sources to the created search scope.
Hope it helps… 😉

using Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration;
using Microsoft.SharePoint;

SearchContext context;
using (SPSite site = new SPSite(“http://<SSPsite>&#8221;))
context = SearchContext.GetContext(site);
Schema sspSchema =
new Schema(context);
ManagedPropertyCollection properties = sspSchema.AllManagedProperties;
Scopes scopes =
new Scopes(context);
ScopeCollection sspScopes = scopes.AllScopes;
Scope newScope = sspScopes.Create(“Name”, “Description”,
null, // System.Uri object representing the owning site URL
true, // True to display the scope in the SSP Administrator UI
null, // A string specifying the alternate results page for the scope
// Includes your content sources to the created Scope
foreach (string ContentSourceName in YourContentSourcesNames)
properties[“ContentSource”], // Managed Property
// Update Scopes

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Aduna AutoFocus

Posted by dariosantarelli on April 11, 2007

Aduna AutoFocus helps you to search and find information on your PC, network disks, mail boxes, websites and Aduna Metadata Server sources. It scans all places where you expect valuable information and provides powerful means for retrieving that information. The important difference with other search tools is that AutoFocus presents the search results using Cluster Maps (VERY COOL Feature!!!). In these maps you can see how files, web pages or emails are related to your question.
The birds-eye view helps you gain insight in information that is available on combinations of keywords. In each step of your search it shows the number of documents that match your search (and of course a link to the documents themselves) so that you can effectively zoom in to find what you seek.

Here you are some Benefits:

  • search results presented in a Cluster Map for better overview
  • facets show what metadata is available in sources
  • support for multiple information sources and file types
  • significant terms summarize clusters and suggest search refinements

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LINQ Samples

Posted by dariosantarelli on April 3, 2007

The LINQ Project is a codename for a set of extensions to the .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated query, set, and transform operations. It extends C# and Visual Basic with native language syntax for queries and provides class libraries to take advantage of these capabilities. In other words, LINQ (“Language Integrated Query”) allows developers to query in-memory data inline.
If you aren’t familiar with this language, try this link: 101 LINQ Samples (why 101 and not 100???)
As a developer, I’ve always thought that sample code is the best way to learn a technology ;). 
In addition, there are different versions of LINQ: for database queries and XML queries we have,  DLINQ  and XLINQ (files .doc from Microsoft) respectively. 

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